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Privacy Policies:

The below privacy policy applies to the following apps. 

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Totally Random -- web icon - full words.
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Apps Covered by this Privacy and Security Policy:

Miro App Marketplace apps 

  • Clusterizer

  • Totally Random 

  • PowerPack and PowerPack Pro

Beta / Private Release Apps:​

  • Resizer  


Your privacy and security is a high priority to us and has lead us to make many decisions to mitigate collection, storage and transfer of your data. 

Data Collection:

The above-listed apps are I-frame's in a Miro UI extension point and they are web apps which use the Miro SDK in order to communicate with Miro through its API's. The apps, working in a browser JavaScript runtime “read” the data from your board and use it to run computations and display that information to you in the Miro UI toolbar plugin pane. Data is stored only in browser memory during this runtime. The apps can also “write” data back to your board using the Miro SDK's available methods.  On these apps your private data, and any derivative data or metadata, never leaves your connection with Miro (their servers and services and your browser). 

We never see, transfer or store any data such as the data in your board, any of your user data, contact data, company data. 

The only data we collect in your entire usage life-cycle of working with our marketplace apps is the following anonymous and aggregated usage data: 

  • Daily aggregated anonymous request logs; a tally of requests of our app files (html, css, js files) from our content distribution network(CDN) by Miro in order to for app to work in your Miro session. Our CDN records the Miro request from their servers to our CDN to get the files to run in your Miro app iframe. When that request is made our CDN records the time from what city the requesting Miro server was located. This provides us with knowledge of where our users are generally located and an overall sense of usage amount and timing patterns. As it is anonymous, we have no ability to ascertain. Zero PII or Miro board data is ever made available to us through our CDN as part of this request.    

  • Aggregate and anonymous usage and installation counts provided by Miro.  As a third-party Miro app developer, we are provided, from Miro's Developer Platform (API / SDK) Team, data derived from your usage of our apps. This data is A) anonymous ( zero PII), and B) at the user-aggregate level of detail (ex: 'weekly usage counts' (gross count number) or 'total installs per week' (gross count number). This data is collected to help us understand how well our apps are being utilized and a gross sense of the efficacy of our marketing efforts. Data not included in this Miro app analytics data payload include but are not limited to: IP addresses, PII (contact info, locations, ID #s, personal, company, team or project names, demographics), Miro board data.  


The above apps follow strict adherence to Miro's developer Security Guidelines. 

For example review any of our apps against the Qualys SSL Server Test which runs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server.  Find Sizer's results as example here.   



We collect no Personally Identifiable Information. Nor do we collect any board content or user data. We only collect a very small amount of anonymous and aggregate usage and installation data which helps us understand how our apps are faring in the marketplace and where in the world they seem to be popular. This helps us gain an understanding of marketing strategies. 


We may update this policy at some point in the future and will immediately update this. 

Any questions about data, security or privacy may be directed to  

Terms and Conditions

for Paid App Subscriptions:

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