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If I can't picture it, 

I can't understand it.

- ALbert Einstein

u n l o c k    y o u r    b r i l l i a n c e

Visual thinking is a



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Design thinking is a mess.

Hey, that's kinda why it works.


But do

piles of brainstorm

Sticky Notes have you feeling...



Your challenges are complex:

networks   systems   branching   parallel   

cyclical     interconnected     non-linear

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You have the 

wrong tools 

linear text editor       spreadsheet      hierarchical outline

Air Table - - Logo pod - full white bkg.

Import visualize network and tag cluster data sets. Export network structure from board.


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Visual Thinking Training

teach you to fish

Leadership coaching

Visionaries need visual. They should see what you're saying.

Team Training 

Shared vision requires visuals. 

Visual Systems

build you a tackle box and fishing pole

Whiteboard strategic visual thinking deep-dives

See what the team is all thinking.

Operations diagrams

Successful teams have a playbook.

Visual vocabularies 

Your inter-disciplinary team speaks many languages ... you need a Rosetta stone. 

Visualization Products

catch you some fish

Information and data

Systems, programs and processes

Networks and organizational structures

Geo-spatial, architectural, timeline stories

3D / XR (VR/AR)