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P R E V I E W    R E L E A S E 

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Milky Way plug-in app

Sync Data to Airtable



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Sync Data from Miro



P R E V I E W     R E L E A S E     F E A T U R E S

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Milky Way Map 


show / hide

   The primary components of your maps

  • Business Capabilities

  • System use points:  IT Applications 

  • Information Lines

Elements - transp grad.png
3. Elements -690.gif


label, save, show, hide 

  • Create collections of map elements or overlays.

  • Build complex strategies.

  • Effortlessly communicate high-level concepts. 

  • Progressively reveal system stories & processes.  

Layers - transp grad - w cursor.png

Quickly create, show, hide a layer. 

4. Create Layer -690.gif

Make layers that contain any type of object.  Hide entire sections of your maps and command wide-ranging levels of detail.

6. Layer with elements in it.gif

Export Data

sync map data to Airtable

   Export your map to Airtable and exploit the

   power of data.

  • plan and manage projects

  • organize and analyze system interfaces

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Airtable logo in white rounded corner bo


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8. Update to Airtable - v2.gif

Airtable is a powerful and easy relational database tool, perfectly suited to manage Milky Way enterprise system map data.  

Airtable - Table bar.png
Airtable Gantt View.png
Aitable - Views.png

Easily organize, plan and manage large and complex initiatives - leveraging Airtable's analytical tools, flexible views, and a vast and growing marketplace of scripts and plugins. 

airtable marketplace - navbar.png
airtable marketplace.png
Full Plugin UI - Bellatrix.png
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 A C C E S S   T H E   P R E V I E W   R E L E A S E   

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